Чит коды на Interstate '82 (PC)

Change Vehicle:
At the end of a mission, you are presented with a screen
which enables you to either Customize your vehicle, Quit
or Continue. When you are at this screen, ALT - TAB back
to windows.

Go into the root directory where Interstate 82 has been
installed. You will find a file called "User" - This is
the file which contains all the information about what
vehicle and weapons you currently have.

In the root directory you will also have a sub directory
called "Variant" - This is where all the information about
other vehicles (Including news vehicles created for the
"Instant Action" missions) are stored.

You can view all these files with Notepad, as they are text
files. (You can view the names of the variants to find the
correct vehicle you want.)

All that needs to be done, is to delete the "User" file, and
copy one of the "Variant" files into the root directory, and
rename it to "User".

If you then ALT - TAB back into the game, and select
"Customize Car", you should have your new vehicle in
place of your old one.

(Note - The last vehicle you used in the previous mission,
is automatically selected when you rejoin a saved game. For
this reason, you cannot edit the "User" file before you start
Interstate '82 as it will be overwritten.)

Change Weapons:
Use notepad, or any other text viewer, to edit the "User"
(Or any variant) file. You can edit what weapons are
installed, and can even fit weapons that would not normally
be able to be used on the selected vehicle.

If you choose to replace a small weapon with a larger weapon,
it may not appear on the schematic of you vehicle inbetween
missions - The weapons should, however, appear on your car
when in the game.

Multiple Cars:
Go to any level and choose any car. Now park your car
anywhere on the map and take another car on the map.
Go in the teleporter. Go at the same place that you
left your first car and you will see two of the same
car if the cheat worked. Do this if you need some cars
in Instant action mode. This code can be used unlimited
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