Чит коды на Venetica (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

First Chapter Complete (Bronze): Chapter 1 completed.
Second Chapter Complete (Bronze): Chapter 2 completed.
Third Chapter Complete (Bronze): Chapter 3 completed.
Trained Villager (Bronze): Training in village successfully
Trained Attack Combiner (Bronze): Combined Attacks training
successfully accomplished.
Trained Roller (Bronze): Rolling training successfully accomplished.
Arena Champion (Bronze): All enemies in the arena defeated.
Leather Style (Bronze): Leather mail acquired.
Plate Style (Bronze): Plate mail acquired.
Honorable Success (Bronze): Play and complete the game the
honorable way.
Villainous Success (Bronze): Play and complete the game the
villainous way.
True Hero (Bronze): Level 20 reached.
Burglar (Bronze): Gain 1200 experience by cracking locksGain 1200
experience by cracking locks.
High Esteem (Bronze): Earn 2000 reputation points.
Bright Views (Bronze): Find a special lookout point in the Outer
Dark Views (Bronze): Find a special lookout point in the Arsenal
Sherd Master (Bronze): Destroy 100 vases.
Scythe Master (Bronze): Learn the strongest Scythe skill.
Sword Master (Bronze): Learn the strongest Sword skill.
Hammer Master (Bronze): Learn the strongest Hammer skill.
Spear Master (Bronze): Learn the strongest Spear skill.
Trained Blocker (Bronze): Blocking Training successfully accomplished.
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