Чит коды на Virtua Cop 2 (PC)

- Go to yor Virtua Cop 2 directory.
- Open the file VCOP2.INI
- Find the [GameSetting] line.
when you found add a line like this:


will be like this:
- Close and Save the File.
- Start the Game,
Now when start go to Mode Settings (F6) and you will se two new options
"Special" and "Cheat".
now you will can use this options:
Special Menu:
-Single Click Reload: Reload with a single click of the mouse.
-Random Mode: Opponents come out in random formation.
-Mirror Mode: The game screen appears as a mirror image of the original.
-Big Head Mode: Characters appear with humorously enlarged heads.

Cheat Menu:
-Auto Reload: Weapons automatically reload when you use all the ammo.
-Weapon Select: Allows you to choose any of the special weapons during
-Weapon Select (Special): A special version of the Weapon Select option.
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