Cheats for Yakuza 0 (PC)

Also known as: Yakuza Zero
Infinite Money Glitch:
At one point in the game, there is a sub story and you will get in a dance 
battle with Miracle Johnson. After you get slaughtered, he asks you to pick
a prize. PICK BLACK. This will get you the encounter finder. When you equip
it, it will show you the location of Mr. Shakedown on the map. This isn’t 
necessary for the money trick, but it will save you a ton of time and grief 
having to manually find Mr. Shakedown every time you are looking for him! 
Next you want to make sure you have spent the CP at the shrine so you get 
more money from Mr. Shakedown after you win. Then you want to start the 
process of losing and winning over and over, making more money each time 
you win. In a short time, you can easily max out the money counter to buy 
stats, real estate, and even send money to Majima!

How to Save Anywhere:
Go to your AppData folder on OS drive, usually it is: C:\Users\<Your_Nick>\AppData\

in \AppData\Roaming\Sega\Yakuza0 
find file "settings.ini". 

Open this file using Notepad, change "SaveAnywhere=0" to "SaveAnywhere=1", 
save file, and you're ready to go. Now there will be Save/Load options in pause menu.

Money Farm:
At the CP Shrine there is a shakedown upgrade for Kiryu, get this.
Kind of optional but needed for never before seen results. 
Get money from Real Estate Royale.
Buy knives and taurniers.
Find Mr Shakedown, Using the Encounter Finder will help 
(He appears as a large purple arrow on the map).
Let Mr Shakedown beat you up.
Find Mr Shakedown again.
Spam heat moves (Higher difficulties mean heat damage drops off faster 
so you could lower the difficulty to speed up the process).

This works due to the previously mentioned upgrade giving you 1.5x money from 
Mr Shakedown so if he stole 10 billion from you and you come back to beat him 
you'll get 15 billion.

Sadly Majima cannot get this upgrade but his business provides enough money 
through completion to get most if not all of the upgrades on the 3 main styles.

However at the point of no return (Chapter 17/Epilogue) you'll be able to transfer 
any amount of money between characters using Mr Moneybags which helps a lot since 
Majima needs a lot of money for The Dragon and Tiger.
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