Cheats for X-Com: UFO Defense (PC)

Level skip:
Press [Ctrl] + C or [Ctrl] + G while in the battlescape
screen to complete the current level with the results of
the previous level.

First of all, beat misson. then the end of the month send
skyranger-1 to go fight in the terrist misson. When u start
the mission, press ctrl+c. this will end the terrorist mission
and give u the same results as the last mission. Then, goto ur
base and in he spot 1 of ur interrceptor was is a craft that
looks like a fire storm but small. This ship can hold 576 men,
462 weapons, and has 250% fuel and tons of armor.But be worned,
once u get the "weapon-1", small ufo's will become super strong,
but with less men inside. When u click on the "super ufo" it has
he words "the only true threat to the x-com in the galaxy.
Civilization on earth is doomed" and soom other jiberish.

Save Elerium:
When you finish building a new ship, load it with the weapons
(Plasma Beam for both weapons is recommended). When it is fully
charged and ready for flight, transfer it to another base.
When it gets to the base, immediately send it out on patrol.
Click the ship and you will see that its fuel is 0%. That means
it will not run out of fuel. Make sure that when you send the
ship out on patrol, send it to the opposite side of the planet
or a long way from your base. This allows you to catch the ship
after it attacks the enemy before it can return to base.
This is best done with the FireStorm craft. They are cheap and
quick to build. The firepower is just as good as the Avenger,
which cost lots more and takes longer to build.

Free manufacturing:
Select the item to be manufactured, but assign no engineers and
leave the number to produce at zero. Then, assign as many engineers
as desired but only manufacture one item.
Use tanks with this trick to easily make money.
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