Cheats for Mass Effect (PC)

First, enable console by doing the following - 
 add this line: ConsoleKey=Tilde
to the section: [Engine.Console]
in file [profiledir]\\My Documents\\BioWare\\Mass Effect\\Config\\BIOInput.ini
(you can add ConsoleKey=Tab instead if the Tilde is not recognized properly)

Now in the game open the console pressing the [~] (tilde) or [Tab] key,
and enter desired console commands:
giveall                  - gives you 1 of every weapon & mod of every level 1-X
GiveAllArmor Ariake      - gives you armor from the designated manufacturer 
                            (Ariake in this case).
GiveAllOmniTools Serrice - gives you Omnitools designated manufacturer 
                            (Serrice in this case)
GiveAllBioamps Serrice   - gives you Bioamps from the designated manufacturer 
                            (Serrice in this case)
givexp <value>           - gives you specified amount of experience points
ghost                    - walk through walls/fly
fly                      - fly around (you start flying when you accend stairs)
walk                     - makes you walk again.
setparagon <value>       - sets your paragon to indicated value.
setrenegade <value>      - sets your renegade to indicated value.
givetalentpoints <value> - add the specified amount to your current pool of 
                           talents points 
                            (only for the player, not for the henchmen).
quit                     - exit game
show                     - show some of the game settings
teleport                 - jumps to a location where the cursor is pointing.
m_nMaxInventoryItems 9999 - get max. items
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