Чит коды на Cubes 3D Revolution (iPhone)

By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles.

Advanced Schemer Make a combo of 10 deletions.
Annihilator Destroy 30 cubes in one turn.
Blessing Make 3 consecutive Brilliant moves.
Bomber Detonate 3 bombs in one turn.
Color Obsessed Compose 5 lines of the same color in 5 consecutive turns.
Dead Zone More than 50% of cubes on the field are antibonuses.
Fast Level Complete any level after 3rd in less than 20% of maximum moves needed.
Favorite Color Compose 3 lines of the same color in 3 consecutive turns.
God's Touch Make 2 bonuses by the first move on a level.
Guru Player Reach level 20 in Classic mode.
Ice Destroyer Destroy 8 ice cubes in a single level.
Ice Hunter Destroy 40 ice cubes in one game.
Impressive Ending Finish a level with 25% or more score poins than required.
Lightning Master Activate 3 lightnings in one turn.
Master Player Reach level 15 in Classic mode.
Miner Activate 7 explosive bonuses in one turn.
No Mistake Finish the first 5 levels in Action mode with no revolving
that do not compose a line.
Perfectionist Get 30 Perfects in one game.
Pre-Schemer Make a combo of 4 deletions.
Pro Player Earn 100,000 points in Classic mode.
Resplendent Game Get 20 Brilliants in one game.
Rookie Player Reach level 10 in Classic mode.
Save The Day Get back and finish any level after 3rd when the energy bar is lower than 5%.
Schemer Make a combo of 7 deletions.
Stone Destroyer Destroy 6 stone cubes in a single level.
Stone Hunter Destroy 30 stone cubes in one game.
Stubborn Reach level 12 in Classic mode with no hints.
Swift Level Complete any level after 3rd in less than 10% of the maximum moves needed.
Triple Hit Collect 3 cross-lightning on the field at the same time.
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